What We Offer?

Our consultancy services range from project identification to implementation of solutions. We connect you with the best industry experts in order to bring high quality services at an affordable price. Our professional fee is nominal and is hard to match by any other service provider.

All in One Place

ANGC consists of a team of well experienced professionals with a sound academic background with each person having a minimum of 15 years of experience in the relevant area of the industry. Connect with ANGC in order to achieve realistic solutions for your Manufacturing and Engineering problems. These services are all provided at a nominal fee compared to any other Contractor.

Our Main Service Areas

Manufacturing Operations

Manufacturing and Operations Solutions

We map the end-to-end manufacturing process in order to maximize efficiency within a given factory set-up. Our work on Manufacturing and Operations solutions covers the following areas.

  • Preparing Tender Documents
    We prepare tender documents based on our client’s needs. We ensure that the documents meet required standards which is the main basis for the Tender preparation process. The guidelines and templates we follow are very much in line with the industry standards (such as BSI) at present.
  • Capacity expansions
    Under capacity, we offer the expansion of facilities required for the business in order to meet the rising demands of the industry. It is done by carefully analyzing the business process and coming to a conclusion based on factors identified such as throughput, space, skill levels, and technology.
  • Refurbishment projects
    We are competent in providing our clients an enhanced scope in improving equipment and processes to match the latest technology so that a phase-lift can be achieved in Operations. We provide attractive options (solutions) to mitigate bottlenecks in the operation.
  • Automation as an edge
    Our automation competencies focus on increasing productivity by bringing in the latest technology through automated (and semi-automated) solutions. We use combinations of work flows (using application software) and other functional tools to give the best solution within the existing process.

Project Management

The manufacturing industry is growing in leaps and bounds and it is no doubt that project management has become an integral part of it. Manufacturers should be able to manage projects in a rigorous way to make sure that the results are reaped fast.

The project management pillar mainly focuses on factory upgrades which fall under the below categories.

  • Upgrade for Best Practices
    We recommend modern manufacturing best practices for our clients in the industry. Based on such practices we ensure to update the processes and technology
  • Upgrade Processes
    We are a Consultant in process optimization. We streamline the existing processes to achieve minimum costs and higher process efficiencies through value chain dynamics
  • Functional upgrades
    Functional upgrades ensure that certain areas of your business enters a higher operational platform. We provide our clients with the relevant guidance to move onto this plane

Process Optimization

Process optimization mainly focuses on following LEAN methods in manufacturing to reduce cycle times. The LEAN approach aims to improve any process within an organization through the elimination of waste and improving unit cycle times. The main aspects of process optimization are minimizing cost and maximizing efficiency.

  • Mapping of processes
    Mapping of processes analyze the current state of events which occur during production and designs the future state for the events required to obtain the end results.
  • Setting out processes
    The processes within the LEAN approach are laid down and new processes are drawn.
  • Designing new layouts
    New layouts are created to fit the proposed flow of operations

Cost Optimization

Cost optimization process focuses on creating business value through cost reduction. It includes reframing business operations using automation and digitalization techniques.

Cost optimization includes, (1) obtaining the best prices for all purchases done within the business, (2) Standardizing all processes and platforms within the business in order to simplify all tasks, and (3) Automation and digitization solutions by integrating with unit operations.

Innovative Solutions

Innovative insights are fostered using Value Flow Maps (VFMs). Being a key aspect of the LEAN methodology, it focuses on using activity and value based flow charts to improve activities required to complete a product or a service.

We follow an approach called Value Flow Mapping which is closely connected with Value Streams.

  • Mapping processes to relate as close as possible to the actual scenario.
  • Designing to capture the correct metrics and measures needed for improvement.
  • Addresses common issues which could be about waiting times or hidden work.

Business Development

Under the business development pillar, we focus on the following areas which would help an organization reach optimum levels in capacity and technology planning.

  • Business plans
  • Investment proposals on factory upgrades
  • Financial Assessments on the current and future operational platforms
  • Financial analysis and the strategies for building a manufacturing business to the next level

Through this approach we hope to create a long-term value for the organization by connecting with right customers, markets and building relationships. We integrate ideas, initiatives, activities and engagements aimed at building a robust business.

Industry Research

We perform industry research in the following areas

  • All types of opinion and culture surveys within your industry (e.g., the heartbeat of people within your factory)
  • Marketing research which includes research on consumer behavior, market segmentation, product testing, brand awareness etc.
  • Coaching, counselling and mindfulness research (designed on a customized platform)

Through this approach, we hope to create a long-term value for the organization with strong bonds between customers, employees, and suppliers.

Training and Development

Our services on training and development aims to improve the processes within an organization through upgradation of human potential.

Manufacturing leadership development

This includes problem solving skills and leadership training which are needed to elevate the decision making ability of the manufacturing team. Through this series of development programs, we intend to breed transformational growth in people within the manufacturing set-up

Personality profiling and grooming

This service area focuses on personal coaching of employees in order to unleash their potential and bring out the best in them. A groomed leader would work the way forward in bringing out the company with an influx of dynamism and out-of-the-box thinking. Personalities are shaped by bringing about such transformation in people to match the expectations of the organization. We believe this has lot to do with competency building. Hence the approach will be a coaching-competency blend and such services would be organization specific with lot of time investment and understanding with the client.